Equipd Bible Version 4.0

There are some significant improvements for language learners in this update.

  • Jyutping 粵拼 Cantonese Romanisation. Jyutping was developed by the Linguistic Society of Hong Kong. It is starting to be used more in apps such as Pleco, websites such as Chinese Class 101, and books on learning Cantonese such as “A shortcut to Cantonese” and “Learn to speak Cantonese”. Some prefer Jyutping because it makes a better use of spelling to differentiate different sounds, whereas Yale tends to sometimes use the same spelling for different sounds. I am very pleased to add support for Jyutping 粵拼 Cantonese Romanization to the Equipd Bible app, alongside the existing powerful 2-line support for Pinyin, Sidney Lau, Zhuyin (Bopomofo) and Yale. To enable go to the specific EPUB settings page you have downloaded in Chinese Traditional or Simplified, and enable the Jyutping 2-line support.
  • 2-line support inside Footnotes and Cross-References. A number of Bibles have footnotes or cross-references supported in the Equipd Bible app. Now when you tap a footnote or cross-reference for a Bible with 2-line support enabled, it will open in a popup that includes the 2-line romanisation.
  • New Languages with Cross-References. Cross-references have been added for Spanish, French, Chinese Traditional/Simplified, German, Japanese.
  • Improvements to Chronological Bible Reading Schedule. The schedule has reviewed and improved, fixing issues with verses from the same chapter being spread across multiple days, and some chapters missing or in the wrong order.
  • Fixed issue with deleting downloaded Schedules.
  • Fixed issues with playing audio after switching chapters in the Single Bible layout.

f you are enjoying the Equipd Bible app please take the time to add a quick review on the App Store. Your review helps others to see the value of the app, and it definitely helps me to keep motivated in supporting and improving it further.

Thanks your ongoing support.

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  1. Ksenija Matic
    Ksenija Matic says:

    My English is not so good, but I’ll try to explain. I have iPad 2 version 12.4.6. When I install equipd I don’t have menu: library, news, etc.. Can you help me with this problem?

  2. Edith Lopez
    Edith Lopez says:

    Me encanta…Me ayuda para las reuniones…Nesecito la otra Apps…que tiene. todas las publicaciones por favor…Si tengo que pagar más por ella, yo pago…Se lo pido de favor..,Es una gran ayuda para mi…Gracias por lo que me puedan ayudar…

    • iMatt
      iMatt says:

      Hola Edith, gracias por tu mensaje. La otra aplicación con todas las publicaciones dejó de ser compatible en 2018 y no hay reemplazo, lo siento. Deberá concentrarse en usar JW Library en su lugar. La aplicación Equipd Bible actual solo se enfoca en ser su Biblia de estudio personal que puede personalizar, nunca incluirá otras publicaciones, lo siento. Mis mejores deseos.

  3. Ellen Hill
    Ellen Hill says:

    I need help to download the Bible from my iPad to “open in” EQUIPD. I have had his app since it was around and is the first time i have problems. I got a new iPad 6 months ago and cannot load it into your app
    Thank you

    • iMatt
      iMatt says:

      Hi Ellen,

      Thanks for reaching out, and sorry it is not working for you.

      Since the last update the theory is that it is easier than ever to install Bibles … but do it from inside the app, instead of downloading it in Safari and then “Opening in”.

      So if you open the Equipd Bible app and then:

      1. Click on the Settings button top/left
      2. Click on the blue “Download and install new Bibles” link at the bottom of the window
      3. That will open an internal browser, which is the part that has changed
      4. In the browser address bar at the top, click in the bar, and type “jw.org” and press “go” or enter on the keyboard. That should take you to the JW.org website.
      5. Follow the usual process to locate the EPUB file for the NWT 2013
      6. This time when you click “Download” it should ask if you want to install the Bible.

      Please give the above steps a go and see how you get on. Any issues please email support@equipd.me directly.


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