New Bibles Added

The following new Bibles were added to the download page today:

  1. French Catholique Crampon 1923 – BCC
  2. Di Nyoo Testiment eena Bileez Kriol – BZJNT

The Belize Kriol Bible only contains the books of Matthew to Revelation.

If you would like a new Bible added to the download page, please review the requirements in the Support Forums.

Great Tutorial for the new Equipd Bible on AppChasers

Within 12 hours of launching the Equipd Bible app, AppChasers has posted a review that includes some great walk-throughs for new users of the app. If you want to get a head-start on how to use the app I recommend you take a look at the post on AppChasers here.

AppChasers Review

New Equipd Bible App Released for iOS

This is the first blog post in the life of the Equipd Bible app. I am proud to launch this new app for iOS. It should start appearing on your App Store later today.

Please read about the many features of this app on the About page.

I encourage users to join the Support Forums to share your ideas, feedback and questions. I will focus on populating the Knowledge Base and other forums over the coming days. You can also subscribe to RSS feeds in the forums or get emailed when updates occur.

I sincerely hope this new app can accomplish its goal and help you be…

“completely equipped for every good work” — 2 Timothy 3:17.