Available Bibles

This page lists EPUB files compatible with the Equipd Bible app.

Download the EPUB in Safari, switch to the Files app “Downloads” folder, and long-press to “Share” the file to the Equipd Bible app.
Full explanation on the steps to install a new Bible can be found here.

The New World Translation (NWT) EPUB files on JW.org are also supported.

You can also download Contributed Bibles generated by our user community.

Other Languages

Other Compatible Bibles

  • The EPUB files on JW.org are also supported. Go to JW.org, download the Bible in EPUB format, and “Open in…” the Equipd Bible app.

Please Note

If you are technically minded, you can always generate your own EPUB files to load into Equipd. Be sure to use one of the EPUB files listed above as a template to start with, as the EPUB must conform to certain rules in order to work in Equipd.