Version 1.1.2 Coming Soon

Version 1.1.2 has been submitted to Apple for review. It generally takes them 7-10 days to review and approve an app update.

This is mainly a bug fix release addressing reported issues.

There are also a number of improvements under the hood that are not detailed on the forums.

Thanks to everyone who is actively using the forums to report issues, and especially to those who have been helping others via the forums. Seeing users support each other is very encouraging.

I am hoping that the number of issues reported will start dropping off soon, now that version 1.0 has been out for a few weeks and users have been actively using it across multiple languages and EPUB files.

Then I can start focussing on new features!

8 New Bibles Added

The following Bible Translations were recently added to the download page:

  1. Basque Euskara Navarro-Labourdin – BHNT
  2. Czech Čeština Bible Kralická 1613 – CSBKR
  3. Hindi Holy Bible Roman Script – HHBR
  4. Italian Riveduta 1927 – RIV
  5. Italian Versione Diodati Riveduta 1924 – RDV24
  6. Lithuanian Lietuviška Biblija – LTB
  7. Malagasy Bible – MG1865
  8. Swedish Svenska Karl XII 1873 – SK73

If you would like a new Bible added to the download page, please review the requirements in the Support Forums.

Version 1.1.1 Approved by Apple

This is a snapshot update to address two specific issues:

  1. Fix the hyphens that went missing from Sidney Lau for Cantonese users – more details on the forums here.
  2. Improve the experience when adding a verse note while in the Chapter window – more details on the forums here.

This update was approved by Apple about 20 minutes ago and should be appearing on your App Store over the next few hours.

Version 1.1.0 Approved by Apple

Version 1.1 of the Equipd Bible app has been submitted to Apple for review.

Full details on what version 1.1 contains can be found on the new Support Forums. The forums are working well and I thank all those who have taken the time to become familiar with the forums and are actively using them. I encourage all users to sign up to the Forums and to use them as their central point of reference for staying informed, obtaining help, submitting ideas and reporting issues.

The bugs fixed as part of version 1.1 can be found listed here.

The new features included in version 1.1 can be found on the forums detailed here.

Highlights include:

  • Fixes for issues reported by users across different EPUB files – typically with some Bible books not loading. All reported issues have been resolved.
  • The app is fully translated for Korean users.
  • Improved detection of errors in the Bookmarks and when installing invalid EPUB files.
  • Users can now change the Bible Navigation to Sidney Lau, similar to how the navigation option works in Chinese Pinyin.
  • The ability to rename Bookmark Categories has been added.
  • Support for the Book “Outline” view for Bibles that support this, such as the EPUB files for the newer NWT revisions found on
  • For those using a Markdown text editor, there is a new option to generate a scripture link in Markdown format.

And many other fixes and enhancements are found mentioned across the forums.

I hope this update helps users get the most out of this new app.

Update: The app update was approved by Apple on July 8th.