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    If you have no idea what this post is talking about, please don't worry. It is aimed at those taking advantage of more advanced/technical features of the app.

    Some Background...

    One of the hidden features in the Bible window is the "Generate Scripture URL" option under the top/right menu. This creates a link to the current scripture using the Basic Format URL Scheme, and copies it to the clipboard. This means that the user can paste this link into an email or an app like Word or Notes, and when the user clicks the link it will open the scripture in the Equipd Bible app.

    New Generate Markdown Link

    I have added a new option under the same menu - this time for users who take notes using a text editor that supports Markdown. The new menu option generates a link in the Markdown format and copies it to the clipboard ready to be pasted into your Markdown editor.

    Here is an example of the generated link:
    [Matthew 24:13,14](equipdbible://x-callback-url/lookup?scripture=Matthew24:13,14)
    Note that the underlying link is using the newer x-callback-url format.

    I have other enhancements around this functionality planned for the future, but for now hopefully this is handy for users of Markdown.

    Markdown link on iPad.png Markdown link on iPhone.png

    Learn More:
    You can learn more about the Equipd Bible URL Scheme here.
    You can learn more about the Markdown syntax here.
    You can see a review of popular iOS Markdown editors here.
    See how some users are using the Editorial app with Equipd here.
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