Done - 3.2 Support for Notes Side Panel on smaller iPhones & Portrait Orientation

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    Support for the Side Panel when in Landscape orientation on the iPhone 6+ and 6S+ was added a while ago.

    In the next update the Side Panel will be supported across all iPhones, and it can also be displayed in Portrait orientation.

    When in Portrait mode just swipe in from the right edge to show the panel. The panel will open over the top of the verses. Swipe the other way to hide the panel again.

    In Landscape you also use the swipe gesture to show/hide the panel, but in Landscape the panel will stay open and next to the verses content.

    The screenshots below are from an iPhone 5S...

    Simulator Screen Shot 5.09.2016, 9.21.54 AM.png Simulator Screen Shot 5.09.2016, 9.21.57 AM.png Simulator Screen Shot 5.09.2016, 9.22.02 AM.png

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