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    First off, thank you for all your hard work on this app. I just downloaded today in order have side by side English and Japanese with furigana since JW Library does not support that.
    I’m not sure if these are new issues introduced by the new Japanese revision or not, but I am experiencing multiple issues with the 2019 revision.

    Some issues are with furigana including:
    • No furigana above some kanji (ex. Eph. 6:9 - no furigana for 脅「おど」)
    • Redundant furigana on kana expression (ex. Eph. 6:10 - また is already expressed using kana.
    • (EDIT) Another I found is the very common 人 (ひと/ びと、にん/〜り、じん) which should read as:
      • 「じん」when it immediately follows the name of a place or people, like ~ites in Israelites. (ex. Exodus 33:2 - 人 in each case here should be (じん)
      • 「にん」when it follows any number of people other than one 「一」 or two 「二」; and 「り」in those two remaining number cases.
      • 「ひと」when read alone
      • 「びと」when following some job titles (Possibly a classical rendering as I haven't found any examples in the new translation)
    Another issue is attempting to link from the reading page to WOL uses English URL and the associated “search” doesn’t return results for Japanese book names.
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