Issues editing EPub file for Iban Bible

Discussion in 'Technical Questions' started by Stephanie Teh, Jan 3, 2019.

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    Jan 3, 2019
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    Hi All,
    I'm an absolute amateur when it comes to editing EPub files, but I recenly downloaded Sigil to see if I could fix up some of the errors I have come across in the Iban Bup Kudus, and I'm running into some troubles.
    I started my hand at Genesis chapter 1 as several verse are missing, which causes the numbering of the verses after the missing portion to be incorrectly numbered.
    I gave it a go, and saved a copy of the Epub, and then tried to load it into Equipd Bible on my iPad and iPhone - but it wouldn't import. My iPhone app just kept crashing after that, whereas my iPad said it was importing the file, but would sit there like that for minutes, before disappearing and not actually importing. Each time I reopened the app on my iPad it tried again to import but would not succeed, so eventually to stop it I had to delete the whole app, redownload, and reimport all my bible versions.

    I'm wondering if anyone could help me by having a look at what I've done in Genesis 1: and point out to me what I've done wrong and how to fix it.
    Or, if someone has the time and knowledge, if they could help me to correct the following chapters:
    Habakkuk 3
    Acts 2
    Acts 5
    Luke 8
    Mark 12
    Matthew 21
    Luke 20
    Revelation 7
    Numbers 23
    Revelation 22
    Proverbs 6
    James 1
    Genesis 1

    (this list of incorrect verses is not complete, but just chapters I have come across so far. What I believe has happened in each instance, from one marginal reference or one footnote to the next, a passage has been skipped and not entered into the epub, thus any verses or partial verses between those two points are lost)

    The Iban Bup Kudus is available on Holy Bible App (it is the only bible available for Iban language) to reference what the verses ought to say. (Oh and also, some verses in the Iban bible especially in Isaiah have grouped 2 or 3 verses together, but the Epub creator mostly has sorted this out by writing "(included in previous verse)" in the missing verse numbers)

    I've attached the document I've been working on so far. If you want to reference it to the original it's on this website under Iban.

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    Hi Stephanie,

    So sorry it took so long to respond to this. The good news is that I have spent quite a bit of time regenerating the Iban Bup Kudus from scratch, and hopefully it is finally resolving the issues with the verses not lining up. The basic issue is that Iban Bible does indeed have "missing verses" - it combines a lot of verses together, which means that they no longer line up with other translations.

    Anyway please find it attached for your testing purposes. Let me know how it looks to you. As in previous attempts, where the verses were combined and this causing the "missing verses" I have simply put [see previous verse] instead.

    Let me know how you get on. I will test it a bit further as well, and then share it on the Bible downloads page.

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