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    The main instructions on how to install new Bibles are found on this page.

    This issue is no longer relevant. Since version 4.1.0 of the app, there is a new internal browser that makes it a lot easier to install Bibles and Schedules. To use this new browser:

    1. Click on the settings icon top / left of the Bible window.
    2. At the bottom click the "Download and install new Bibles" button.
    3. This is just like a normal browser - type in the website you want to visit and download the EPUB file you want to install.
    4. It will detect the download and take over from there.


    Many users have had challenges installing Bibles since iOS 13 was released. Some of these issues are related to a small change in how the sharing works. You need to make sure that you have enabled the "Equipd Bible" app in the share options.

    Please see this video which walks you through a demo of the NWT in Arabic being downloaded on iOS 13 and installed on a live iPhone.

    An Overview of the Steps
    Safari now downloads EPUB and other files to the Files app > Downloads folder. And you need to follow a specific workflow to get that EPUB file to open in an app other than the default Apple Books.
    1. Download the EPUB file in Safari.
    2. Switch to the Files app.
    3. Move into the Downloads folder.
    4. Locate the EPUB file you downloaded, and tap + hold with your finger on the EPUB file name.
    5. A menu will appear with different options - click the "Share" option
    6. Try to choose the Equipd Bible app from the list. If the Equipd Bible app does not show in the list of apps you need to scroll across and use the "... More" button to access it.
    Key Points
    Check the following images to make sure you understand some key points about:
    1. Locating your downloaded EPUB files in the "Files" app, Downloads folder.
    2. Long-pressing to bring up the context menu and select "Share". From there you can select the Equipd Bible app as shown in the video.


    In some instances the Equipd Bible app has not appeared as a Sharing option to enable. How do you fix this issue?
    • Some users have reported that they had to delete and reinstall the Bible app several times before it finally appeared in the list. This seems to be a problem with iOS 13, so hopefully Apple will fix this issue in a future update.
    • Try downloading the EPUB file into another program such as Documents by Readdle or the Google Chrome Browser, and then use the Share button to "Copy to Equipd Bible" from there. Here is a quick demo of using the Google Chrome app to install the NWT Chinese Mandarin EPUB file.
    • Another user reported that no matter what they did, Equipd Bible would not show up in the list of Share Options ... until they deleted a number of the other apps that were showing in the list from their device. Almost as if there was a limit to the number of apps that would show, and Equipd Bible was further down the list. Not something I have verified but I thought I would add it here in case it helps others.
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    Thank you, that worked! (Being able to use Equipd Bible is is why I bought an iPhone)

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