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    Many enjoy the Chronological Bible Reading Schedule, but they find it a bit intense with the current schedule completing the reading in 1 year. They have asked for a slower reading schedule, one chapter or less per day.

    Duration: 1205 days
    Intensity: Low
    Description: A chapter a day (or less) in the order events happened.

    How to install:
    On your device download the attached ZIP file (below) in Safari, then locate the downloaded file in the Files app > Downloads folder. Tap+hold on the ZIP file and from the popup menu choose "Share" to the "Equipd Bible" app. If you do not see the Equipd Bible app in the "Share" list, then click on "More" to show additional apps and select it. You will then see the schedule listed under "Downloaded Schedules" inside the Bible app.

    PS If you have trouble installing the schedule ZIP file on iOS 13+, maybe some of the details on this forum post will help you.

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    Thank you Matt for the updated schedule- I had tried to do this some time ago but got swamped with trying to keep up with it and the scheduled reading and other projects

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