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    ok here we go - please forgive me if I have overlooked the obvious!! In the old Equipd when I tapped on a Bible (only one Bible version selected) chapter the whole chapter would open up on the screen and then I could select one or two or a series of verses and they would be highlighted in red - but the whole chapter would still be visible - in the new Equipd when I tap on a chapter I do not automatically get the whole chapter ( I note that I can select that option on the screen but the chapter does not just open automatically unless I select the option to do so) - personally I prefer it that way so just wondering if this is the way it is or if changes on the way

    Also I liked that in the old Equipd I could just play the audio from the front page

    I hope all this makes sense - giving my age away perhaps

    Thank you for your time
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    Nothing has changed with regard to how this works.

    It all comes down to:

    1) How many Bibles do you have showing side-by-side? If more than one, then that is your issue. The layout you are describing is the "Single Bible Mode" which Equipd switches into if the user only has one Bible displayed.

    2) You must also ensure that you did not change the setting "One Bible, Whole Chapter" in Admin > Settings > Bible Settings.

    If this does not make sense, or seem to work for you, then please submit a screenshot of the Bibles you have installed and also your main Bible window.

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