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    I am a big fan of mind mapping. Connecting ideas is the way our brain works, so any system that resembles that should be easier for us to use as a tool to learn. For a long time I have been thinking about working in such tool to do Bible study. Here is what I have in mind:

    - One comment or idea could span over multiple verses connecting them in a special way. Why retype the idea in every verse and ignore the connection? In a database this would work with a table for verses, a table for comments or ideas and a many-to-many table to connect verses with ideas.
    - When a verse or idea has a larger number of "synapses" it becomes more relevant to searches.

    This could be useful when studying. Seeing all the connections in one shot would give you a bigger picture. Organizing those ideas is another matter.

    I realize that this might not be in the near future of Equipd but I see the potential in this app that is already a great tool for me.
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