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  1. Mark Hildebrand
    Mark Hildebrand
    From Salt Spring Island B. C.
  2. HGJ
    HGJ Gabriel Lau
    Hello Gabriel, I saw that you succeeded to install Equipd Bible on your M1 MacBook Air. I try to do the same. I installed the NWT EPUB files to Macintosh HD just as you did. But how do I gett the Equipd Bible app on my MacBook Air? Because it is in the Appstore not available for download on MacBook Air?
  3. Debbie Kling
    Debbie Kling iMatt
    I am considering switching from an android phone to an iPhone so that I can have this app on my phone as well as my iPad. Are you going to support iOS 15?
  4. Sonia Gomez
    Sonia Gomez
    Compre la aplicación desde que salió pero la dejé de usar y ahora que la quiero Husain no puedo poner la Biblia en epañol
  5. Sea
  6. JimSpace
    JimSpace iMatt
    Dear Matt, I just want to confirm that you’re still able to support this app before I go purchase it. Thank you.
  7. Michael J.
    Michael J. iMatt
    Dear Matt, can I help you with translating the bible app into czech? I speak perfectly german and czech since i was a child, now my wife and i life at the border and beeing part of a czech congregation. A lot of czech brothers and sister would be happy with an czech version of this app.. so let me know if i can help you.. best regards michael
    1. iMatt
      That would be great Michael! Can you email me directly about this?
      Sep 19, 2019
  8. Brian Thillemann Hansen
    Brian Thillemann Hansen iMatt
    Hi. How do i install jwpub into the Equipd Bible? I am trying to download the Danish bible version on but it Will NOT install. Regards. Brian.
  9. Kai Mumue
    Kai Mumue
  10. YoungLim Kang-Clark
    YoungLim Kang-Clark
    I may not quite understand this website clearly wether well enough because I just received only back up email ..
  11. Peter
    Peter iMatt
    Hi Matt

    Sorry last post was so abrupt - trying to get it under 420 characters.

    Thanks for your work on the apps. Love them all.


  12. Peter
    Peter iMatt
  13. Lesley
    Has anyone a Kurdish Sorani bible ?
  14. jwhsso
    jwhsso iMatt
    Daily Text 2017 - korean version?
  15. Guri-Gurami
  16. Guri-Gurami
    Guri-Gurami Gabriel
    Hi Gabriel,

    I would appropriate if you help me. I have pdf files, oneis "NT" and other is"OT".
    If I send you them 2 files would you try to convert it into the ePub file which would work on Equipd app?

    Thank you
  17. Park Yun Jeong
    Park Yun Jeong iMatt
    Very sorry but I thought that this app is the new version of the previous "equipd" app... Can I get a refund?

    I really appreciate your effort to help our brothers and sisters in the world to study Jehovah God's words!

    Park Yun Jeong from Korea
  18. Rodora Rimorin Jones
    Rodora Rimorin Jones
    I wonder what happened to my app..because now the transition to study article to researching an article changed. It leads to opening it anew
  19. Asian Explorer
  20. luisangelyjuli
    luisangelyjuli iMatt
    Hola IMATT:

    Gracias por su buen trabajo. Tengo Varias Biblias en formato Epub Que No Me abre Equipd Biblia. Se podrían convertir para utilizar desde Equipd Biblia? Si me facilitas un e-mail podría enviártelas. Gracias de antemano. Un saludo desde España.
    1. iMatt
      Hi. The process for requesting support for other Bibles is detailed here:

      Can you please provide the requested details? I do not convert existing EPUB files, but if you can provide the listed details for the Bible translations you are wanting, then I can look into things further.
      Apr 9, 2016