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    Aug 14, 2018
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    Dear friends,

    I am changing the URL in he search function to research scriptures. The first one I did successfully to have the search go to the Insight index:
    This will take me to the scriptural reference if that particular scripture has one in the insight volumes.
    The next one I need help with. I want to go directly to the scripture index, the one that shows publications and the insight references. For example a URL that will take me to the page that shows this for a search on Genesis 3:1
    3:1 w17.02 5; it-2 867, 898, 1010-1011; w11 1/1 12; w11 5/15 16; w04 9/1 14-15; w01 7/1 19; w01 11/15 27; w96 2/1 23; w94 4/1 10; w90 10/15 30;w89 8/1 22; w86 8/1 11-12; tp 48

    Can anyone help out?


    Wang Yong

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