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Welcome to Equipd

× Major Update: Equipd is no longer available and has been removed from the App Store.

The Ultimate Bible in over 70 Languages

Ever wanted to read the New World Translation (NWT) in multiple languages side-by-side? Or to compare verses across multiple Bible translations? The Equipd Bible makes it so easy to look up scriptures quickly, allowing you to easily copy the selected verses into your notes, bookmark scriptures, listen to audio readings and more.


The Library - Reference Tools at Your Fingertips

The Equipd Library is the central location for complete books and publications. Including the Examining the Scriptures Daily, Insight Volumes, Reasoning Book, Song Book, Bible Concordance, Ministry School book and more. Easily switch between languages by swiping left/right. You can even view maps and listen to piano and vocal audio.


The Briefcase - Save Your Favourite Articles

Ever wanted to save the article you were reading on the Watchtower Online Library (WOL) and have it saved so it was always available … offline? ANY article on WOL? Now you can and it's so easy. You can organise the articles by topic, order them in lists, and group them under headings. You can even share your collections of articles with others.


The News - The Latest at your Fingertips

Do you like to stay on top of the latest updates on JW.org? Or to see when the latest magazines are released in EPUB, PDF or audio formats? The News module aggregates RSS and Podcast feeds from JW.org to keep you informed.


Things you should know...

Equipd is like a beautifully crafted - but empty - bookcase. Once it is installed you can start filling it up with source material from www.jw.org. Equipd is tightly integrated with the Watchtower Online Library (WOL), allowing you to cache content on demand and read the Bible and publications offline, where-ever you are. You can quickly jump from anywhere in Equipd to the WOL website to view the original source material.

The only exception to this are the alternate Bible Translations such as the King James Version, American Standard Version, World English Bible, and 23 other alternate Bible versions. The files for these versions are stored on the Equipd servers.

Staying in touch

I would love to hear how you are using and benefiting from Equipd. Please submit feedback via the Equipd Support Forums. You can also keep up with the latest news via Twitter or Facebook.

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Multiple Languages

Multiple Languages

Read the NWT Bible over 75 different languages - from Arabic to Japanese, Spanish, French and more. View a complete list of currently supported languages here.

Side-by-Side Comparison

Multiple Translations

Equipd includes 27 different Bible translations. Compare renderings of the same verses across several Bible versions - side-by-side. See the list of supported Bible translations here.

Side-by-Side Comparison

Compare Side-by-Side

Look up a scripture and view verses in multiple languages side-by-side. Share your iPad with another person - let them read the Bible in their language, while you read it in yours.

One Language?

Single Language View

Equipd is also optimised for reading a single language. View the whole chapter at once - swipe left/right to move between chapters, and select verses to highlight them onscreen.



Equipd keeps a record of the scriptures you have looked up in the past. From the History tab you can quickly review and return to recently viewed scriptures with a single tap.



Bookmark your favourite scriptures to quickly locate and return to them at any time. You can re-order your bookmarks, or delete them, to keep them organised how you like them.

Streaming Audio

Streaming Audio

Listen to the Bible being read in 20 of the supported languages. The audio files are streamed over the Internet from jw.org, so an Internet connection is required.

Chapter View

Chapter View

See the context of verses by opening the full Chapter. The selected verses are highlighted. Pinch to make text larger/smaller, and swipe to move to the next/previous chapter.

Large or Small?

Large or Small

We are not all made equal. You can customise the size of the Bible Navigation buttons, and make the Bible text as large or small as you like. Each language can have different size text.

Take a Copy

Clipboard Integration

Copy the current scripture to your notes at the click of a button. Want to lookup a scripture in your clipboard? Equipd can auto-detect a scripture in your clipboard and open it.

Take it Offline

Take it Offline

Like a browser, Equipd requires an Internet connection to download chapters as requested. They are then cached for offline viewing. Or you can pre-cache the entire Bible and hit the road.

More to Come...


The Bible is the central hub to Equipd - it is tightly integrated with the Library publications and the Briefcase module. It is also tightly integrated with WOL for quick research.

Pinyin 2-Lines

Chinese Pinyin

Chinese Simplified characters are transliterated with the Pinyin placed above the Characters in a 2-Line format. This works for the NWT Bible and all publications in the library and your Briefcase.

Bible Footnotes

NWT Footnotes

Currently English only, read fully formatted Rbi8 Footnotes with the click of a button in a popup window, so you don't lose your place. Simply click scripture refs to open them in Equipd.

More to Come...

NWT Cross-References

All languages that have the Rbi8 Bible on WOL can now see the cross-references in a popup window. The verses are extracted and shown immediately for quick study.

Welcome to the Library. Come in, sit down and do some Personal Study, use common Reference Publications or browse the Watchtower Online Library and JW.org websites.

All publications in this module can be used offline, and support multiple languages. If you enable multiple languages for a publication, you can swipe left/right to switch between them.

× Please Note: These features relate to version Equipd 2.X. Since then version 3.0 and 3.1 have been released with major features and enhancements. I will update this website soon with more relevent content.
Examining the Scriptures Daily

Examining the Scriptures Daily

Read the Daily Text in 33 different languages. The EPUB files are downloaded from jw.org and installed by Equipd. Download as many languages as you require.

Equipd offers super-quick selection of the month and day using a navigation bar similar to the Bible Navigator - or just click the "Today" button to jump straight to today's text. Use the Languages button to download or switch to other Languages - or just swipe left/right to switch the language when you are reading the Comments or the Watchtower Citation.

Bible Concordance

Bible Concordance (English Only)

The Concordance includes every occurrence of all the principle words in the New World Translation - with over 14,700 word headings and 333,200 scripture entries.

Use the Concordance to search out scriptures that contain occurrences of Bible words. Scriptures are listed in the order they appear in the Bible, grouped by Bible book name. The scripture is shown, followed by a brief excerpt showing the immediate context of the word. Simply click the scripture to open it in the Equipd Bible.

Website Browsers

Watchtower Online Library Browser

The Watchtower Online Library is tightly integrated throughout Equipd. If you open the WOL Browser for the first time in a given day it will automatically open the page with the ESD and weekly TMS schedule. You can customise which language to default to in Admin > Websites.

Website Browsers

JW.org Browser

Quickly access the JW.org website from within Equipd to catch up on the latest news or publications, watch videos, listen to audio, or to read articles online. Click on a PDF or EPUB link and download the files to your device and open them in the app of your choice.

All Scripture Inspired

Books Included

In addition to the Daily Text and the Bible Concordance, the Library includes all of these books that can be cached directly from WOL for offline use. You can even highlight and underline content, and for some publications you can listen to streaming audio as the publication is read to you:

  • Bearing Thorough Witness + audio
  • Bible Teach + audio
  • Come Be My Follower + audio
  • Draw Close to Jehovah + audio
  • Keep Yourselves in God's Love + audio
  • Jeremiah Book + audio
  • Insight Volumes
  • Listen to the Great Teacher + audio
  • Ministry School Book
  • Reasoning Book
  • Sing to Jehovah ... including piano and vocal audio
All Scripture Inspired

Brochures Included

And here is a list of the brochures that can be cached directly from WOL for offline use:

  • The Bible - What Is It's Message?
  • Good News from God! + audio
  • Lasting Peace and Happiness (for Chinese)
  • Listen to God and Live Forever Brochure
  • Pathway to Peace and Happiness (for Buddhists)
  • See the Good Land ... including maps
  • Was Life Created? Brochure
  • When Someone You Love Dies + audio
  • Who Are Doing Jehovah's Will Today? + audio

TIP Read more about the Library and how to use it on the Support Forums.

This is your Briefcase. Find articles on the WOL Website, save them to your Briefcase and have them with you ... filed by topic ... offline ... always.

You can customise the default language used by the Watchtower Online Library browser in Admin > Websites. There is no multi-language mode for the Briefcase - just save articles in the languages you require.

Multiple Languages

Save ANY Article from WOL

Ever wanted to save the article you were reading on WOL and have it saved so it was always available … offline? ANY article on WOL? Now you can and it's so easy. All you need to do is:

  1. Open the Watchtower Online Library browser in Equipd
  2. Find the article you want to save
  3. Press the "+" button in the top navigation bar
  4. Choose which Topic, or category, you want to save the article into
  5. Press the "Save" button and you're done!

Equipd will automatically detect the article Title and the article Reference, but you can change them if you like. The article is now permanently stored in Equipd, available offline whenever you need it.

Multiple Languages

Keep it Organised

Your Briefcase comes with some default Topics already setup - but you can add new ones, rename or delete existing ones, and re-order Topics how you like! Ideal for creating lists of articles on specific subjects - Pioneering, Shepherding, Experiences - you name it!

You can also change the lists of articles inside a Topic. You can reorder the articles, rename or delete articles - or even to add a heading above an article to group articles in the list.

To edit the Topics or Articles in a list click the "pencil" icons shown in the top/left of each section. From here you can re-order items, delete items, or click the icon with the pencil to edit the existing topic or article. Just try it, you will see how easy it is.

Multiple Languages

Share Your Articles with Others

Once you have collated a list of articles on a specific topic, you may want to share the list with friends or family. Click the action (arrow) button top/right and "Share List". This will generate an email that contains links to each article in your list. It also has a link at the bottom of the email that another user of Equipd can use to import the list into Equipd in one step.

Multiple Languages

Backup / Restore

After all that work creating collections of articles you won't want to lose them! Go into Admin > Briefcase and email a backup of your entire Briefcase to yourself. This will only backup your lists of Topics and references inside them, not the article content which you can easily redownload in the future if you ever need to restore your Briefcase.

TIP Read more about the Briefcase and how to use it on the Support Forums.

Grab a coffee and catch up on the Latest News and Magazines from JW.org.

Supporting RSS Feeds and Podcasts from JW.org - customise the feeds to support one or multiple languages.

Multiple Languages

RSS Feeds

Keep in touch with the Latest News from JW.org:

  • Aggregates news from multiple RSS feeds into a single feed sorted by date
  • Search for a news item - searches both title and description
  • The feed includes any images specified for the news item, falling back on the jw.org favicon from the website or the magazine feed images
  • The number of unread items will show on the News Tab. Note: This number only includes the unread new items from JW.org - it does not include anything from the magazine podcasts as this would quickly lose meaning.
  • Change the RSS Feed URL in Admin if you want to get the news in a different language
  • Support for 2x additional RSS Feeds if you want news in other languages side-by-side, or if more RSS Feeds are added to the jw.org website in the future

Generic features for both RSS and Podcasts:

  • Change the size in Admin > News to make the items larger or smaller
  • Mark All items Read / Unread in a list. You can optionally delete all items as well to refresh all content.
  • Pull to manually Refresh the feeds, otherwise they will automatically check for updates every 15 minutes - if you are currently connected to the Internet and Equipd is open

TIP Read more about the News Feeds on the Support Forums.

Multiple Languages

Podcast Support

Download or listen to the latest mags directly from JW.org:

  • Aggregates multiple Podcasts into single feeds sorted by date, for each magazine - Awake!, Watchtower Public and Watchtower Study
  • For each issue the PDF and EPUB items are at the top, and then the MP3 audio links for each article are listed underneath
  • Play the magazine audio straight from the news feed. This uses streaming directly from jw.org so requires an Internet connection.
  • Open the EPUB and PDF items in Safari so that you can then import the file into whatever app you use to manage these files - iBooks, GoodReader etc
  • Search for an article by title
  • Support for customising or adding additional Podcasts for the magazines if you want a different language, or to support side-by-side languages in the feed. You can also use this to change to using the Simplified Watchtower Study articles if required.
"I cannot tell you how even much more wonderful (if that were possible) Equipd is now! I used it on a study today, and it was SO convenient going from Bible to 2 Lines to English, just tapping around to go here to there. And access to everything is just amazing and saves my back from lugging huge bags of books to studies. Also, I used to use Strongs Concordance years ago (speaking of heavy books!) and it is great having access to it so easily. Also, love how the concordance is embedded now. I could go on and on. THANK YOU SO MUCH."
"It just keeps getting better! I have read about the 'Law of Diminishing Returns'. It seems that somehow you have it worked out so that it doesn't effect your labors in our behalf! 'Thank you' just just somehow doesn't fully express how much we delight and utility that comes from this 'wonderful' app and I mean that word as it originally was intended : It really causes wonderful assistance to us. I have never seen anything that approaches it. Thank you so much for this gift. For what you ask for it, it is a gift."
"Your app converted a very dear friend from not liking anything unless its an actual book to being a very proficient ipad user! Good job!"
"My wife and I have greatly benefited from Equipd for several months now. In fact our Circuit Overseer was the one who recommended it to us. I would have rated my level of personal study as 'pretty good' before I got familiarized with Equipd. But now, I am enjoying an immense improvement in doing research, cross referencing and more in depth study. Study was enjoyable and always beneficial but now it's all that and fun as well. And with the most recent updates that include the 'pop ups', annotations and underlining features, it is even more enjoyable and meaningful. Thank you for maintaining and growing this meaningful application for God's people worldwide. Jehovah's Organization has made 'quantum leaps' in the recent past and your work has made it easier for us to keep pace with the Celestial Chariot."
"I typically do not rate apps. Had to rate this one. Wow!!!! Amazing labor of love. I just love how helpful and organized it helps me to be!!! Just learned how to briefcase and can't seem to put my iPad down! Wow it's just that awesome! Thank you so much for the development!"
"Just had to tell you that this is the most impressive app I've ever come across! I cannot imagine the hours of dedication you put into this labor of love. I am a single parent in the truth. The Briefcase allows me to set up a study program designed just for my family, ministry and self without ever loosing a word! No more carrying multiple books and a diaper bag and purse! I have everything on one device and in several languages if I need it and I can even do extensive research and meditation wherever I happen to be! I LOVE this app!!!"
"Exceptional! I work 12+ hour shifts and drive a total of 3 hours to and from work, so this app makes it so easy to bring my library with me and get studying done. Super convenient and I love the interaction with the jw.org website!"
"Saw this app on friend's device; she highly recommended I download it. So glad I did! I can read and/or listen to selected Bible verses; have access to WOL; open the "Briefcase" to review Bible highlights; possibly more if I were tech savvy! Thank you for using your skills to benefit the many."
""Find a need and fill it" indeed! A student of the Bible can now have his study materials with him everywhere he goes; online or offline. My family of 5 all have tablets and we all use this app. Well done, I love to share in the talents of the friends around the world. "The futures so bright I've gotta' wear shades!". Thanks for the smarts and hard work."
"I emailed you last month about Android support. But after seeing how much my wife was benefiting from Equipd on her iPad, I'd had enough, and went out and got my own iPad Mini. Equipd has been working fabulously on it!! I really enjoy the app and all the improvements you keep making to it. Thank you!"
"I really appreciate this app and the time spent in making it even better! I absolutely love the new RSS addition; makes getting latest materials very convenient! Also the added audio support is fantastic! It's so easy to get lost and cluttered with too much technology and all the apps. Equipd is great because with every update it helps simplify my digital life. Keep up the great work!"
"You have really pulled something out of the bag with this update brother. It's so incredible, user friendly. Each time you release a update, I just shake my head, knowing how much work must go on to produce the complexity of what you have done for us all. Can I please say thank you. I have a disability and this app helps me so much to keep up with all that the faithful slave is giving us in these terrible times we are living in. Both my wife and I use the app every day.... How did we manage without it? Jehovah always provides for our every need. Thank you once again"
"This is just awesome! I'm so grateful for all your hard work, with everything in one place, I need less apps, but best of all, my study is so much easier, I don't loose my train of thought when doing my study now because its all so handy, quick, and I can virtually do it anywhere."
"I was able to clear an entire page of apps off my iPad because of Equipd. It is great for keeping everything together and at your finger tips with ease. I thank you greatly!!!"
"Fantastic app! Very easy to use and works well with the jw.org site. Every day I find another great way to use this app. Very nice to have not only books and pubs at your finger tips, but other articles that can be filed and referenced for other uses."
"This app gets better with every update. I've never used an app that has so many great features for personal study and Bible studies. I use this app everyday, multiple times a day. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I showed my iPad to a group of Witnesses and some said, "I wanna buy the iPad just to use Equipd!" Maybe we should invest in Apple stock if JWs start buying all the iPads up! Maybe Apple should give this brother a sellers commission because he's selling iPads just by designing this app!"
"This app is just what my family and I have needed for a while! My father is visually-impaired and so relies on his iPad for the meetings and study due to being able to enlarge the font considerably, but there was only a limited number of books, etc, available to open via iBooks. Now with this app he'll find it so much easier, and as he'll now be able to pre-cache articles and books ready for either calls or items in the meeting, having a WiFi-only device will no longer be a problem for wanting to access the jw.org website. Thank you so much for this amazing app, and for all the time and care you have put into developing it!! 5 STARS!!!!!"
"I'm sure you get this a lot but what an absolutely stunning application. It is so well written and intuitive. Thanks for all your hard work."
"I really enjoy this app. It's so easy. I love being able to compare the KJV and the NWT scriptures together. The bookmark feature is really helpful. Thanks for all your hard work on putting this together."
"I'm a visually impaired person who needed a program like this. I can find everything so easily and able to read since I'm able to enlarge my text. I appreciate your hard work. It makes my worship to Jehovah so much easier."
"Amazing!! Okay, okay, I know this adjective may be overused when describing just how great this app is, but it truly is amazing! I can't seem to get over how complete this app is. I'm looking forward to the future improvements and enhancements. Thank you."
"Your app is amazing! I'm just starting into iOS development and I understand more how much work goes into an app of this magnitude, so thank you so much! ... I applaud your skill in this project and look forward to future updates!"
"Gracias, por tan buen programa. Ya no hay justificacion para no estudiar. Este programa es increible, me gusta muchisimo. Y los ultimos upgrades lo hacen mejor. Gracias otra ves por ayudarnos a estudiar mejor."
"I have been a tech for 40 years and now I am retired. I have just about every app there is for Theocratic study and I have to say that this is the absolute best without a doubt! ... Really great for personal study. The cache feature eliminates the problem of poor wi-fi or 3G signals at assembly halls and Kingdom Halls. I Love It!!!"
"Your ability and foresight make this ever changing app the best one in my iPad. If I could rate it correctly it would be like a 10. Thank you for not being satisfied with a job well done, you've actually made the best app better."
"Just downloaded the latest version. WOW! All I can say is that I'm speechless. Thanks so much for all of your hard work."
"Can't say enough about this app. Being able to simultaneously reference two languages while looking up scriptures is wonderful. I'm keeping up with my French this way. So many other great features also. Very easy to learn. Believe me - I rely on this app heavily. I can increase font size at will, and have a large-print bible right on my iPad. Insight Book for off-line use -- PRICELESS!"
"Thanks! This update is fantastic. Really appreciate all the additions that you continue to make. Equipd is an invaluable app for serving in the foreign language field. Great job and keep up the good work!"
"I really love the new features you just added. I especially love having the "See the Good Land" brochure on my iPad. I read the Bible on the bus and have recently been reading First and Second Samuel. Whenever I came accorss a place name I would wish I had the "See the Good Land" on me so I could give some context to my reading. Now I can! I also really like the Briefcase feature. I only updated Equipd to the latest version an hour ago but have already cached some of the series that appear in the Watchtower and Awake magazines. Articles like "Life in Bible Times", "A Book You Can Trust" and "The Bible - A Book of Accurate Prophecy""
"Wow, this app just keeps getting better. So much information now available in the palm of our hands. Thanks for all the added Bells and Whistles."
"I have been using this App now for a few days only, it is the BEST Theocratic aid I have on my iPad. Thank You, Again!!! Truly a 5 Star App."
"This has to be the best app for assisting anyone wanting to do serious bible study or research. I am so pleased with the simple interface which encourages one to study and carry out more research. An incredible aid to furthering our knowledge of the bible. I would just like to say the biggest thank you. In my opinion this has to be one of the best value for money apps available."
"Great job my friend. Bravo!!!!! Best app in the world!"
"We are really enjoying the ease of finding scriptures in Equipd whilst at meetings. However there has been an added benefit for me. My two youngest (of 6) grandchildren sit with my husband and I at meetings, but frequently fell asleep - not any more, they now have our iPads and listen intently so that they can look up all the scriptures and read them. Thanks for all your hard work on our behalf."
"An amazing application! In a world that disregards copyrights it is interesting how well you have done in providing a truly useful tool for those who love the Bible and fear the true God. You are to be commended for apparently not crossing the legal line as many who disregard copyright do."
"Wow! It was good, and then it just got better, love it, thank you very much"
"This app really helps on personal study and cuts down on books you need to take to meeting. Thanks so much."
"Very Innovative. Thanks so very much. It used to be "clunky" trying to listen to the Bible while reading it. Now it's very smooth with this app. Very easy to use. It's also nice to have an English and French large print Bible all in one."
"I really like this, changed to single language and increased font size to large. Like the format and the extra inclusion of esd and bible concordance. Well done."
"Congratulations on Equipd - it is beautiful. I love the layout, the pre-cacheablity, the clear fonts, the highlighted verses. I am impressed. It has become my Bible app of choice."
"So needed, this makes ministry easy especially street work where you meet so many nationalities!!!"
"This is a great help for learning and studying especially for those who preach in the foreign field. To be able to look up scriptures quickly in mother tongue and in another language is tremendous. Thank you for the help and time you have put into it."
"Absolutely superb App! So easy to navigate and read as the selected scriptures are highlighted for ease of reference. Bookmarking for future retrieval is an excellent feature. Thanks for creating and sharing."
"Have only had this app for a couple weeks, I already rate in my top 5 apps of all time. For those learning in a foreign language group/cong, your comprehension and ability to prepare for meetings will increase overnight. But even if your not learning a language, you will still use this app daily. It's the essential theocratic app!"
"I use Equipd all the time. I am learning Mandarin and so have found it incredibly useful for meeting preparation. The ability to one tap copy the scripture is fantastic for being able to insert scripture notes into a PDF. Thanks for a great app"
"Equipd is a great App! I've just started seriously reading the Bible and attending Sunday meetings. Unfortunately I was becoming extremely frustrated trying to listening to the talk while attempted to locate specific scriptures at the same time. This App makes is so, so, so easy finding referred to sections of the Bible without becoming lost or distracted. Keep up the great work!"
"Your app is Wonderful! My wife and I recently started working with a Romanian congregation, after 30 years in the Spanish field. We find some Romanians would rather read Hungarian, so your app is going to be extremely useful. I am American and my wife is German, so we frequently have multi-linguical situations. (Is 'multi-linguical' a valid word?) I have been carrying three bibles in the ministry, so your app is going to lighten my service bag. I had been using jwbible, but that app just allows one language at a time. For me, the price of your app is a pittance. You ought to charge more. I will be showing your app to all of my ipad toting friends in the congregation today. Thank you again for your app."
"I was dreaming about finding such a program. Thx a lot. Your bro in China."
"Thank you for such a great NWT app! Its the best one out there for sure. I can't wait for the concordance to be released. Thanks again."
"Great App. Thank you thank you thank you! Will be a huge asset in the Arabic field."
"Just purchased the app. Impressive to say the least. Having the various languages show together is a plus for learning or teaching a different language with the bible. Works on my ipad. Whats impressive to me is its speed in bringing up the scriptures as well as choosing separate verses at the same time. Example Matt. 24:3,7,11. will show only those verses and nothing else. Click and add another verse and it shows up as well. Not to mention in various languages at the same time.

Hard to impress me with another Bible app. But this one does. If I was in a foreign language congregation this would be my electronic Bible by choice."
"I hope all those using iPads etc find this app because it's an essential app in the foreign language field and for personal use also"
"I have several different ways to read the Bible on my iPad, but this is my favorite! Easy to navigate, I love how it keeps track of what scriptures I have looked at. I appreciate how I can read and listen on the same app. I only speak one language, so I can only imagine how helpful Equipd would be as you are learning a new one."
"What an amazing application for use in the ministry and with our home Bible reading!!"

Stay Informed

Stay Informed

There are a number of ways to stay informed about Equipd - latest news, what's currently being worked on etc:

  • The Equipd Support Forums - Announcements, frequently asked questions, current issues, planned features and community support - this is your "one-stop shop" for Equipd.
  • Like Equipd on Facebook - New features with sneak preview screenshots are often posted to the Facebook page, along with important news and announcements.
  • Follow Equipd on Twitter - The Facebook posts are also "Tweeted" - so if you prefer Twitter, then follow @Equipd and keep up with the latest announcements and sneak previews.

Supported devices

Supported Devices

The table below outlines specific requirements that must be met for Equipd to run on your device.

Device Models iOS Version Recommendation
iPad BEST 2+ iOS 7.0+ The best overall experience is on the iPad 4 or newer
iPhone 4S / 5 iOS 7.0+ Can be slow on 4S, recommend S+
iPod Touch Generation 5 iOS 7.0+ Only one option at this point

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